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Where Is the Limit


A “poverty” mindset always sees lack. Jesus, on the other hand, never even acknowledged lack. Many are bound by what they see or by what they discern by their natural senses.


In “Prayer is Access to an Unlimited Catalog of Resources: Where is the Limit?”, Dr. Ludie Hoffman reviews the story in John 6 of feeding the multitude with the two fish and five loaves. He explains how Jesus thanked God for what others saw as a lack and what He had was multiplied. In this installment of the series, Dr. Hoffman explains that limits and boundaries comes from a frame of thinking that is binding and self-inflicted. In this message you will be encouraged not to limit yourself because we serve a limitless God.


Purchase “Prayer is Access to An Unlimited Resources: Where is the Limit?” and come to the realization that there are no limits with God!


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