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How To Pray in the Will of God Series: Part Three- The Duplication Process


Have you ever been tempted NOT to witness to a particular person? Have you ever felt like Peter . . . like some people are “Gentiles”! In “How To Pray In the Will of God” Pt. 3- The Duplication Process, Dr. Ludie L. Hoffman encourages believers the to let go of pride, to humble themselves and to accept people. Instead of looking at what’s wrong with others, look at how God can use you to be an example to others.


The Great Commission was a call to win souls, to make disciples! Spend time in prayer! Get a burden for lost souls!  Purchse this series and recalibrate your focus on what's most important...souls!  

Would you like to purchase Part One or Two of the Series or the supplemental product, "How To Get Answers Everytime You Pray" Book? If so, click on the item in the Webstore.

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