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Who's Who in the Will of God Series: Aaron- Close to the Call


What is the will of God for you? Have you ever failed God miserably? Were you left wondering . . . “Will God ever forgive me?, . . . Where do I go from here? . . . What do I do next? . . . Am I really surrendered to God’s will for my life? ”.  


This installment of the series of “Who‘s Who in the Will of God”, Aaron: Close to the Call is a continuation of the series on Moses. In this installment, Dr. Ludie Hoffman explains that Aaron‘s call was to be close to Moses and to help him accomplish the will of God. Dr. Hoffman explained that because Aaron embraced and covered Moses, that he was in position to become leadership.

God has a way to keep you close to His call for your lfe. Draw near to Him today!  Purchase this installment of the Who’s Who Series today and learn how to get close to God and his divine purposes in the Eath!

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