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Who's Who in the Will of God Series: Isaac- The Power of Surrender


What is the will of God for you? Have you ever failed God miserably? Were you left wondering . . . “Will God ever forgive me?, . . . Where do I go from here? . . . What do I do next? . . . Are you surrendered to God’s will for your life? ”.


In this installment of “Who‘s Who in the Will of God”, The Power of Surrender, Dr. Ludie Hoffman delved further into the life of Abraham and His pursuing God’s will by pointing out several important points: no child born is a mistake, the principle of following and trusting God and those appointed by God to teach you the ways of God, as well as, the benefits of being surrendered. In this messsage, you will learn how Abraham and Issac were surrendered to the will of God; and you will also learn how important is it that we live our life in a surrendered manner, so that when tests come we will already be trained to yield to the Will of the Father.

Purchase this installment of the Who’s Who Series and learn about the power of surrender!

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