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Who's Who In the Will of God Series: Abraham- There Must Be Change In Order to Produce


What is the will of God for you? Have you ever failed God miserably? Were you left wondering . . . “Will God ever forgive me?, . . . Where do I go from here?” . . . “What do I do next?”.


In this installment of “Who‘s Who in the Will of God”, Dr. Ludie Hoffman covers the story of Abraham and God’s calling him out from his father’s house to illustrate how God uses His call to put you in the center of His will. You mustbe in the right position to hear God’s call. In this message, you will be encouraged to move towards the call of God. You will also learn that in order to see true change in your life that you must be in an atmosphere that is condusive for change. There must be a change of thinking, of associates, of environment.


As you listen to this installment of the Who’s Who Series,

and learn the keys to living a productive life!

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