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Who's Who in the Will of God Series: Noah and His Three Sons (Shem, Ham, and Japeth)


What is the will of God for you? Have you ever failed God miserably? Were you left wondering . . . “Will God ever forgive me?, . . . Where do I go from here?” . . . “What do I do next?”.


In this installment of “Who‘s Who in the Will of God”, Dr. Ludie Hoffman uses the story of Noah and his three sons (Shem, Ham, and Japeth) to beautifully illustrate God’s faithfulness to his children. In this message, you will learn that when God blesses you, that His blessing is more powerful that any curse.  Dr. Hoffman also discusses not only the ability of parents to bless or curse their children; but most importantly their responsibility to speak life and blessings over their children.

In this series you will learn that God always desires to put His children on track with His perfect will for their lives. Even after Ham uncovered His father’s nakedness, God had a plan for his life and for his children. And He still has a plan for your life too! 


Purchase this installment of the Who’s Who Series, and kickstart God's plan for your life!


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