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Who's Who in the Will of God Series: Adam


What is it that God would have you do?  Why has He called you to do it? Do you know what His divine purpose for you is? In the “Who‘s Who in the Will of God” series, Dr. Ludie Hoffman is taking a look at how various characters found in Scripture operated in the Will of God for their lives.


In this installment of the series, Dr. Hoffman is taking a look at the first man- Adam.  From this message, you will come to understand what it means when Scripture says that Adam had dominion.  In this message you will learn that God intended for you to operate in dominion as well. Just like God created Adam for a specific purpose, God has created you for a specific purpose; and your calling was given to you so that you may fulfill your true purpose.


In this message, Dr. Hoffman explains how God had a backup plan of redemption. He shows believers how God redeemed Adam and used Adam even though Adam failed God. Purchase this installment of the “Who‘s Who in the Will of God” series, and learn how God will help you fulfill His plan for your life!

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