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Who's Who in the Will of God Series: Christ is the Will of God


What is the will of God for you? In order to understand what the will of God is for your life, you must understand what your calling, purpose, and gifts are. A lot of times, it seems that Christians missunderstand the difference between what their calling, purpose, and their gifts are.

In “Who‘s Who in the Will of God”, Dr. Ludie Hoffman explains the difference between the three terms as well as how the three work together. When you walk in your calling, you are in the best place to be just like Christ.  It should always be our goal to point the world to Christ.  He is the pattern that we should follow. When God released you from his heart to your mother’s womb, he cut out a specific place just for you. Stay in prayer until your will is surrendered to Christ’s will; and you know what your calling, purpose, and gifts are. In this installment, Dr. Hoffman also explains how Jesus Christ is the will of God.

 Listen to “Who‘s Who in the Will of God”, and learn how to walk in the perfect will of God just like Christ did!

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