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The Glorification of The Christ!


The Bible says that others will know that we belong to God by the love we display. It is the believers responsibility to allow the giftings and fruit of the Holy Spirit to manifest through their lives to the point that Christ is glorifiedl. We are to allow the glorifious light of the Christ to shine through us. When we do it condemns the enemy.


God is looking for stewards, ....for ambassadors. Can He depend on you? He is looking for people who will be representatives of the Kingdom of Heaven here on the Earth, just like Jesus was. So don’t be ashamed to fulfill the will of God for you life. Gladly confess the Father before men, because Jesus is even now interceeding on your behalf to the Father.


In The Glorification of the Christ, Dr. Hoffman explains how Jesus was glorified in His resurrection, in our lives, as well as in His ascension into heaven.


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