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Don't Stop Coming to The Father!


Throughout the Bible, there are examples of people who were persistent in their faith. In challenging times, it may seem as if your faith is not working. But don’t be tempted to give up on the Word you have planted in your heart. In Don’t Stop Coming To the Father, Dr. Hoffman teaches believers how to remain steadfast concerning the Word of God, in order to experience victory.


Once you listen to this message you will begin to notice what your attitude toward God is like when you feel that He doesn’t respond right away. Do you become persistent in faith? Do you pass the test?


Learn how Christ’s current position is directly related to your victory. Learn to see things how Christ sees things.

Lean how to approach the Father.

Learn how to maintain your stance in faith and prayer


Remember God has an answer for every problem we face. We can receive the answers we need in His presence. Walk in victory today!

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