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Henceforth I call you FRIENDS...John 15:15


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Quotes "The Word is so rich that I had to come back!" Quotes
Friend of Faith

Quotes "I am excited to be going into the House of the Lord!" Quotes
Friend of Faith

Quotes "I loved the praise dance, I am so glad to have been invited and I really wanna be involved!" Quotes
Friend of Faith

Quotes " I enjoyed the service and my son did too! I knew this was the place when I walked in! The teaching was so plain, the Pastor uses scriptures to explain what He is teaching and I received confirmation today!!" Quotes
Friend of Faith

Quotes I bought the book "How to Get Answers everytime you Pray"! I use it and what I learned from your preaching to help a friend with an issue and the end result was ...Problem Solved!" Quotes
Friend of Faith

Quotes "Oh I'm gonna be here!" Quotes
K. Charles
Friend of Faith

Quotes "It was powerful when I came here, everything is coming back together since I have been back in church" Quotes
Friend of Faith

Quotes Just received option to move to larger home in better neighborhood and better schools for children! God is Good!!! That is more than Awesome! Quotes
Friend of Faith

Quotes Dear Dr. Hoffman and everyone at Friends of Faith, Thank you for hosting the 38th African children's choir at Tuskegee University, so rich in history! It was a wonderful opportunity for all of us to learn more! We were honored to partcipate in Black History Month! Thank you for the wonderful hotel stay, the delicious food and the great hospitality you showed us! Blessings- ACC 38 Quotes
ACC 38

Quotes Don't leave me out. Hi Pastor love you all so much. Quotes
B Brinkley